Tax Map FAQ

How do I file a deed?

This office does not prepare deeds. Please have the deed prepared, signed and notarized in advance. This is a 3 step process.

1. Room 116 - Tax Map Department

Responsible for Transfer of Ownership on Maps, Checks Legal Description

Deeds must be received at the office between 8:00 am and 3:45 pm.

2. Room 301 - Auditors Office

Changes name for Tax Bills, collects transfer fees

3. Room 303 - Recorders Office

Recording of Deed

How long does it take to file a deed?

Please allow a minimum of 30 minutes in the Tax Map Department to transfer a deed. Additional time may be required depending on transfer volume. Deeds received after 2:30 pm at the Tax Map office are not guaranteed to be processed the same day. None will be processed after 4:00 pm. The wait time in the Auditor's Office and the Recorders Office is also dependent on transfer volume.

What does it cost to file a deed?

There is no charge in the Tax Map Office. However, charges do apply in the Auditor's Office and the Recorder's Office. Please contact those offices directly for their fees.

How do I obtain an address slip?

Come into the Tax Map office or call (330) 725-9777 to request an address slip. Your address slip can either be picked up in person, or we will email it to you. The property must exist on the tax map. You must be able to locate the parcel (ie: parcel number, owner, location on map). Usually your mailbox will be installed beside your driveway. If so, you must know where on your frontage the driveway will be located (ie: number of linear feet from a property line). We will assign the address based on the mailbox location on the county grid. Address slips are primarily issued in preparation for building on vacant land. You will need several copies to get your permits. We assign addresses for all of the townships and the following villages – Westfield Center, and Chippewa Lake. All other cities and villages not listed should be contacted directly for address assignments within their jurisdictions. To get your Mailing Location and Zip code you will need to contact the nearest Post Office.

Are there special addressing circumstances concerning a corner lot?

Yes, the road name that will be assigned to a corner lot will be based on the location of the mailbox. So if the front of the house faces one road and the driveway is on the other, you must select which road you are putting the mailbox on and we will assign the address based on that decision. Please contact the township in advance of coming to our office, to ensure that you are also meeting their requirements concerning addressing corner lots.

Where can I find zoning information on a particular parcel?

You must contact the township, city, or village zoning office directly. A complete listing of elected officials in (pdf) format can be found at this site:

Elected Officials

You may also find the Department of Planning Services website helpful:

Department of Planning Services