2010 Medina County Map Downloads

In 2003 Medina County produced it's first county road map developed & designed in-house based on the Medina County GIS.
All the maps below are PDF format files taken from the original 2010 Postscript file, at 300dpi, used to print the map. Free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open the files.

Copies of Older maps can be found Here (Map Archive)
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  • Medina County
  • Brunswick Hills Township
  • Chatham Township
  • Granger Township
  • Guilford Township
  • Harrisville Township
  • Hinckley Township
  • Homer Township
  • Lafayette Township
  • Litchfield Township
  • Liverpool Township
  • Medina Township
  • Montville Township
  • Sharon Township
  • Spencer Township
  • Wadsworth Township
  • Westfield Township
  • York Township

  • Brunswick City
  • Medina City
  • Letter size PDF
  • Wadsworth City
  • Chippewa Lake Village
  • Gloria Glens Park Village
  • Lodi Village
  • Seville Village
  • Spencer Village
  • Westfield Center Village

  • Additional Maps:
  • Medina County Thoroughfare Plan for Lafayette, Medina, Montville, and York Townships.
  • 2008 Medina County Floodzone and Floodway
  • Medina County Bicycle Map
  • Medina County School Districts