Office Staff Medina County Engineer's Permit Department

Vickey Zalewski, Permit Coordinator (330) 764-8769
Chuck Dusek, Permit Technician (330) 764-8770

Richard Yosick, Stormwater Technician (330) 764-8774
Robbie Wright, Stormwater Technician (330) 764-8776

Permit and Inspection Fees

The fees posted below are subject to change without prior notice.

Highway Use Permit Fees

•$200.00 - up to 1 mile, $500.00 - 1-5 miles, $1,000 - over 5 miles
(waterline/sanitary projects, electric lines, communication lines, multiple pole installations, gas main installations
multiple address projects.)
valid one year
*PLEASE NOTE* Permit and Permit fees do NOT include utility connections. A separate Highway Use
Permit is required for each individual utility connection. Please see fees (below) for individual connections.
• $70.00 - Single address for utility connections, etc. by bore, open cut, trenching lines. valid 3 months
• $55.00 - Utility connections on the same side (shorts) or aerial crossings with no earth movement. valid 3 months
• $50.00 - Non-notification fee
• $50.00 - Working without a permit fee

Ditch Enclosure Permit Fees

• $100.00 - For enclosing ditchline. valid one year
• $50.00 - Non-Notification Fee
• $50.00 - Working without a permit fee.

Driveway Permit Fees

•$150.00 New commercial drive approach for access to property. valid one year with gravel, concrete or asphalt approach.
• $100.00 Driveways of any type. valid one year
• $75.00 Driveways of any type. valid six months
• $50.00 Driveways valid 3 months
• $50.00 Non-Notification Fee
• $50.00 Working without a permit fee.

Stormwater Management & Sediment Control Permit Fees

Stormwater Permits needed when over 5,000 sq. ft. of earth is disturbed, OR for any work in a FEMA Floodplain.
(consider any earth work...basement, drive, landscaping, trenching or earthwork for water/sanitary tap-gas
line, cable, phone, electric, etc.)

• $100.00 Permit Fee - Pond Permit for ponds when moving over 5,000 square foot of earth.
• $200.00 Permit Fee - Base fee for Commercial lots and buildings, and for all major subdivisions.
(Fee may increase due to additional review time and site inspections.)
• $75.00 Permit Fee - Single residential RURAL lots.
• $50.00 Permit Fee - Single residential lots in inspected and approved subdivisions.
• $40.00 Permit Fee - Hourly fee for plan review by engineer.
• $50.00 Permit Fee - Hourly Inspection Fee

Special Hauling Permit Fees

• $31.25 Permit Fee - Quarterly overweight steel coil carriers to the Valley City Industrial Park only. Must have valid State Permit.
• $150.00 Permit Fee - Annual overwidth permit for companies with over five trucks to be covered.
• $35.00 Permit Fee - Annual overwidth permit for any one truck.
• $150.00 Permit Fee - Frost Law Permit for January 15th to April 15 each year for Companies.
(This will cover unlimited moves for five or more trucks.)
• $35.00 Permit Fee - Frost law permit for January 15th to April 15 each year for Companies-will cover unlimited moves for a single vehicle.
• $30.00 Permit Fee - Single moves for overweight or oversized vehicles-per truck. Covers trip or trip & return for 14 days.
• $50.00 Permit Fee - Construction project - set route for moves in and out of project site during length of project for each truck.
• $200.00 Permit Fee - Construction project - covers set route for more than five trucks during length of project carrying various equipment.

Miscellaneous Fees

• $20.00 Permit Fee - Stormwater Management & Sediment Control Rule & Regulations Manual
• $2.00 Permit Fee - Medina County Commissioner's Highway Use Manual