Office Operations

Purpose of Department:

The Medina County Board of Commissioners has responsibility for maintaining the public highways. Under its jurisdiction per Chapters 5547 and 1723 of the Ohio Revised Code as necessary to preserve the integrity, operating safety and function of the highway facility. The matter in which utilities cross or otherwise occupy highway rights-of-way can materially affect appearance, safe operation and maintenance of the highway, and is therefore necessary that such use and occupancy be reasonably regulated.

The purpose of the Medina County Commissioners Highway Use Manual is to set forth the conditions under which utility facilities may utilize the rights-of-way of public highways. This is done Under the jurisdiction of the Board of Medina County Commissioners. The purpose of the Permit Department is to see that these conditions, procedures and specifications are followed. It is the intent of the department and its policies to permit maximum use of rights-of-way under the Board's authority consistent with preservation of the highway investment, safety of the highway user, highway maintenance requirements, proposed future highway improvements and environmental considerations.

The Permit Department keeps records of the activity in the highway rights-of-way by means of permits and inspections. Procedures and specifications are followed as stated in the Medina County Commissioners Highway Use Manual, State, Local or Industry design standards and OSHA Safety Regulations. These records may be accessed by homeowners, developers, contractors and by the Highway Department as research for future activities that may be affected by past installations and activities.

The Permit Department works in conjunction with the Medina County Sanitary Engineers, the Medina County Building Department, Medina County Health Department and all 17 Townships to ensure that policies and procedures are correctly followed.