2007 Orthophotography RFB Questions & Answers

  • Is there an existing DTM/DEM available?
    Yes, a DTM was generated as part of the 2002 2' Contour Project.
    Please note that the overlap of the existing DTM and County boundary may not be sufficient to cover what is needed on this project.

  • Is a copy of the County Boundary available?

  • Is a copy of the previous tiling grid available?
    Yes, based on the 2004 Land Use / Land Cover project.

  • Is a copy of the control available?
  • (C)an you provide a file containing the locations of control used for the prior (2002) program?
    Yes, the base GPS control from the County is available from the Sanitary Engineer's Office.
    mpritchard at medinaco.org
    A map is available at http://www.sanitaryengineer.co.medina.oh.us/maps/web_page/gps_map.html
    The control layer from the 2002 2' Contour project will also be available for use on the project.

  • In looking through the package I didn't notice anything regarding how many copies I need to submit?
    One original will suffice.

  • What is the intended tile size?
    In the past the tile size has been 3000'w x 2000'h.
    However, due to the addition of the new minimum boundary overlap it is understood that the existing and new tiles will not line-up and this does allow for alternates to be considered.

  • I do not see the required Homeland Security form in the RFB?
    Inadvertently the form itself was dropped from the final RFB PDF, however the requirement is not and the form can be downloaded at:
    Homeland Security Form.

  • Does the scale for the IR need to match the scale for bands 1-3?
    No, the color IR pixel size allowance is a maximum of 2'.

  • What were the results of the bid opening on 2-13-2007?
    The apparent low bidder is Kucera International Inc.
    Negotiations will commence through 2-23-2007 with award by 3-2-2007.