Medina County Digital File Availability

(Last Updated 3-18-2011)

As of 1/1/2008 Data can no longer be purchased - (excluding appraisal data) be sure to check the Free Download Site at:

The following outline represents a listing of the available digital file formats for Medina County Tax-Maps

NAD27: In March of 2011 all data was projected to NAD83.

NAD83: (Stateplane, NAD83, Ohio North Zone 3401, US Survey Feet - Lambert Conformal Conic, 1st Std. Parallel 41°42'00", 2nd Std. Parallel 40°26'00", Central Meridian -82°30'00", Origin of Latitude 39°40'00", False Easting 600000(meters), False Northing 0) - (EPSG:3753).

Contour Vertical: The vertical datum on the 2002 contour data is NAVD88.

Landsat: 7 Path 19 Row 31.

UTM: Zone 17.

Note on Data Capture: Starting with the 2002 Contour Data All newer data was captured using NAD83 & NAVD88.

I. Types:

A. Daily Parcel Data - Standard ArcStorm tiled library structure/format. - Download

B. Daily Parcel Data - Standard ArcView shapefile format untiled. - Download

C. 2007 Color Digital Orthophotography - in TIFF format 1'-pixel or JPEG format 2'-pixel. - Download

D. 2002 Contour data - DXF & Shapefile format. - Download

E. 2002 Contour data - DXF & Shapefile format. - Download

F. 2000 Soils data Shapefile format. - SoilDataMart

G. Complete List of Other Data Available - from Outside sources, Various Datums, Various Formats. - External Data

H. Appraisal Data - from the Auditor's Office, MS-Access mdb format. - Appraisal Data

I. GPS Monumentation - from the Sanitary Department, PDF Format. - GPS Data

J. Water and Sewer Lines - from the Sanitary Department, Shapefile Format. - Download


A. What projection is the data?
Please see the notes above.

B. What is an example of a complete data set package?
Packages no longer apply - please see the download site.

C. How do I use the different sets of data with AutoCAD?
For AutoCAD you will need the AutoCAD Map (3D) extension to read shapefiles, Please contact your AutoDesk reseller. For Help with AutoCAD Map, please contact Autodesk support or your reseller. The contour data is supplied in DXF format and can be imported via the "DXFIN" command. The orthophoto data is reported to be usable as a backdrop in versions of AutoCAD post R13 or R14 (it is unclear which) but it is unclear as to whether the geographic location information is used or if the end-user must place each tile manually, please contact Autodesk support or your reseller.

III. Suggested usages:

A. Users of Arc/INFO & ArcView should request type A. Note: Depending on intended usage ArcStorm licensing may be required (NOT needed for read-only usage).

B. Users of ArcGIS, ArcView, & third party programs capable of using/importing shapefiles can request type C.

IV. Explanation of Tiling schema:

A. Via ArcStorm the database for Medina County is broken into 66 irregularly sized and rectangularly shaped tiles. The tile numbering follows a density/extent method, whereby the tile containing the largest area is 1 and the second largest is 2, with all tiles having an initial density of 2500± polygons.

V. Special notes for each type:

A. Standard ArcStorm:

1. The owner INFO Table is addressed as county@owner, allowing county as the initial database name.

a. Obtainable from ArcView as /county/arcstorm/infotabs/1/info/owner (ie. E:\county\arcstorm\infotabs\1\info\owner ) with File Type set to INFO.

2. The library is county.county, allowing county as the initial database name which is highly recommended.

3. All arcs follow a ftr_code schema derived from the `arc layers precedence chart', (included).

4. All lot dimensions are dynamic size in layer .parcel, annotation subclass lotdim.

5. The parcel layer is .parcel.

a. Obtainable from ArcView as Add-Theme with the Libraries option on.

6. The address layer is .house.

a. Obtainable from ArcView as Add-Theme with the Libraries option on.

7. In addition to the data files there are configuration files included for use:

a. <drive_or_mount_point>/arcview/arcexe70/tables (ie. E:\arcview\arcexe70\tables) contains the arcstorm database location information needed for ArcView users. The file <drive_or_mount_point>/arcview/arcexe70/tables/arc0000.dat (ie. E:\arcview\arcexe70\tables\arc0000.dat) is set to a default value of E:\county\county. This can be changed if required, but be careful to only change the drive letter to the drive letter or mount point of the data download. Once the file is changed you will need to save it to a writable disk in a subdirectory named tables and make sure the environment variable that follows points to the directory that contains the tables subdirectory which contains the new file. In addition there is an environment variable that must be set.

(1) For ArcView/PC users you must also `SET ARCHOME=E:\arcview\arcexe70' in your C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT file or copy <mount_drive> \arcview\dos_root\esri\av_gis30\arcview\etc\startup to your arcview installation directory (ie. copy E:\arcview\dos_root\esri\av_gis30\arcview\etc\startup C:\esri\av_gis30\arcview\etc ). Note: If you have made other changes to your startup file Do NOT copy the download startup file over yours, please see the ArcView on-line manual for information on how to set ARCHOME.

(2)For ArcView/UNIX users who also have Arc/INFO you must copy the file from the download and put it in your $ARCHOME/tables directory (ie. cp /cdrom/cdrom0/arcview/arcexe70/tables/* /opt/arcexe71/tables ). Make sure that $ARCHOME is set in the environment for the shell ( ie. setenv ARCHOME /opt/arcexe71). If not it should be set similar to /opt/arcexe71, otherwise the ARCHOME environment variable can be set to <mount_point>/arcview/arcexe70 (ie. setenv ARCHOME /cdrom/cdrom0/arcview/arcexe70 ).

b. <drive_or_mount_point>/arcview/arcexe70/arcstorm/county (ie. /cdrom/cdrom0/arcview/arcexe70/arcstorm/county) contains the arcstorm database location information needed for ArcStorm users. This file may need customized by the user if the mount point of the database does not correspond directly to the original configuration used by Medina County or if the default database number conflicts with an existing database on your system and must be edited to set the proper node name for your system. The file is set to a default location of /maps/county with a database number of 3 and no node name. The file will also need copied to your $ARCHOME/arcstorm directory ( ie. cp /cdrom/cdrom0/arcview/arcexe70/arcstorm/county /opt/arcexe71/arcstorm ).

8. Following is an example of how to setup an ArcView session to properly view the ArcStorm data for the parcel polygons:

a. Open ArcView.

b. Open a new view.

c. View -> Add Theme -> E: -> coverage -> tdn (in left hand window)(pick on folder not name) -> polygon -> OK

d. View -> Add Theme -> Libraries -> county (double click) -> parcel (in left hand window)(pick on folder not name) -> polygon -> OK

e. View -> Properties -> Area Of Interest -> Theme -> Tdn -> OK -> OK

f. Click on draw box for theme parcel.

B. Shapefiles:


VI. Media types available:

A. Download Only unless specified.