Request for Qualifications: Inspection of the MED-CR 35-1.79 Friendsville Road Bridge 8 Replacement

Public Notices

2022 Pavement Marking, ODOT 109927
2022_MED-Fenn-RiverStyx, ODOT PID 112572

Notices of Bid

T.H. 53 Boneta Road Culvert No. 21 Replacement
C.H. 45 Spencer Lake Road Bridge No 17 Replacement Notice of Bid
2022 Township Striping Project
Chippewa Lake Main Drive Reconstruction Notice of Bid
MED-CR 070-3.36 (FENN RD)
C.H. 90 Willow Road (West of SR 83) Replacement

Bid Tabs

2022 Township Pavement Marking
C.H. 90 Willow Road West of SR 83 Pavement Replacement Project Bid Tab
TH 333 Steel Drive Bid Tab
Chippewa Main Drive Bridge Replacement Bid Tab
2022 Item 422 Chip & Seal Phase 2 Bid Tab
State Road Bid Tab
MED-CR 35-1.79 PID 111873 Friendsville Road Bridge Rehabilitation Bridge No 8 Bid Tab
2022 Hinckley Township Road Bid Tab
CRPM2022 County Pavement Marking PID: 109927
MED-CR070-3.36 Fenn Rd Resurfacing Bid Tab
2022 Medina County Spec 402 Road Bid Tab
2022 Medina County Item 422 Chip Seal Bid Tab
2022 Medina County MC-3000 Chip Seal Bid Tab
2022 Medina County Pavement Planning and Repair Bid Tab
Re-Bid Brunswick Twp Bid
2022 T.H. 33 Branch Rd Culvert 15 Replacement & Road Improvement Bid Results
2022 Garver Rd Bridge 8 Replacement Bid Results
2022 Koontz Rd Bridge 2 Replacement Bid Results
2022 Johnson Rd Culvert 11 Replacement Bid Results
2022 Medina County Hot Bituminous Plant Mixes Bid Results
2022 Medina County Aggregate Bid Results
2022 Medina Bid Tab
2022 Brunswick Twp Bid Tab
2022 Chatham Bid Tab
2022 Granger Bid Tab
2022 Guilford Twp Bid Tab
2022 Harrisville Bid Tab
2022 Hinckley Bid Tab
2022 Homer Bid Tab
2022 Lafayette Bid Tab
2022 Montville Bid Tab
2022 Sharon Bid Tab
2022 Wadsworth Bid Tab
2022 Westfield Twp Bid Tab
2022 York Twp Bid Tab
Road Closings
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